• We have provided over 117 children and youth with counseling and advocacy services this year.
  • We have provided prevention education to over 16,000 persons including over 10,000 high school students this year.
  • We have responded to over 411 hotline calls this year.
  • We have responded to over 105 hospital emergency room requests for crisis service when a sexual assault victim sought care this year.
  • We have provided professional training to over 152 allied professionals this year.
  • We have provided over 326 victims of sexual violence with counseling and advocacy services this year.
  • We have provided 24/7 telephone crisis services to over 200 victims each year.
  • We have provided over 34 significant others with counseling services this year.

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Published Articles

Evanston Residents Honored by Northwest CASA for Volunteer Work

Published: 6/17/2015 Evanston Patch Posted by: Tim Moran (Patch Staff) Dickelle Fonda and Alan Fishman were recognized for their commitment to end sexual violence. Two Evanston residents were among several volunteers honored this week at the Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault’s (Northwest CASA) annual volunteer appreciation dinner held at Francesca’s Tavola in Arlington Heights. Dickelle [...]

Sexual abuse victims empower themselves through stories

Published: 3/31/2012 Daily Herald By Christopher Placek As a freshman in college, happy to be away from home, Shannon trusted everyone around her. Why? “Because I had no reason not to,” she said. But she now admits she failed to see the red flags. One night she went back to a guy’s room — someone [...]

Impact of sexual assault enormous

Published: 4/6/2008 Daily Herald April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Why do we want to make you aware of this? It’s because, unfortunately, sexual assault is more widespread today than heart disease. In a 2003 National Victims of Crime report, “it is estimated that 13.4 percent of adult women have been victims of [...]


It helped us in all aspects.
-7 year old


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Since April of every year is designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we felt it would be appropriate to post some statistics regarding sexual assault to help raise awareness of these staggering numbers. The following statistics were published by the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault in By the Numbers: Sexual Violence Statistics. Sexual assault is [...]

Keeping Children Safe

The occurrence of sexual abuse among children is more prevalent than many suspect. Unfortunately, most children know their offender(s) and often times are related to them. Considering all the myths surrounding child sexual assault, many studies have shown that social class does not factor in the risk for child sexual abuse. Northwest CASA would like [...]

Sexual Assault and the Priviledged Perpetrator

Over the years many of us have come into contact with media coverage highlighting a perpetrator of sexual assault or abuse who appears to be entitled. By privilege we mean “a right or immunity granted as an advantage or favor especially to some and not others”. The groups in this case are the rich and/or [...]