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Sexual Assault and the Priviledged Perpetrator

by Northwest CASA

Over the years many of us have come into contact with media coverage highlighting a perpetrator of sexual assault or abuse who appears to be entitled. By privilege we mean “a right or immunity granted as an advantage or favor especially to some and not others”. The groups in this case are the rich and/or […]

Rape Is NOT…

by Northwest CASA

RAPE IS ABOUT UNCONTROLABLE SEXUAL AROUSAL! WOMEN SAY THEY ARE RAPED TO GET REVENGE! These are just a few of the myths surrounding the topic of rape and sexual assault in our society today. We decided for this month’s post we would concentrate on dispelling a few major myths that pollute the mind of so many […]

Sexual Assault Q & A

by Northwest CASA

Please post any type of question you have about sexual assault or dating violence. Your questions may be medical, legal, factual or emotional and will be answered by our expert and experienced staff.