“People need to know how their job contributes”

– W. Edwards Deming

Here at Northwest CASA, offering free yet innovative services is what helps us stand out! And we are committed to making sure our services continue to make a positive impact on the clients that we serve which is why we ask our clients to evaluate us periodically throughout the year.

We are pleased to announce that across the board, our clients are reporting that our services are improving their lives. In fact, this May, we scored higher on our evaluations than we have in…well, perhaps ever! Here are some of the ways our skilled counselors scored in May:

  • Learning Healthy Ways to Cope: 95.7% of respondents report that they are learning healthy ways to cope.
  • Feeling Less Fear/Anxiety: 92.38% of respondents report a decrease in their fear/anxiety since they started counseling.
  • Life Improvement: 91.42% of respondents report that their life has improved since they started counseling.

Congratulations to our counselors on the great work you are doing! Your compassion, knowledge, and caring is going a long way!