*Trigger Warning*

Did you know?

Northwest CASA educates over 26,000 students during the average school year.  Our Prevention Educator, Jessica, says that right now about half of her schedule is the Kindergarten & Elementary age and half of her schedule is High School.

While out in the community – she is sometimes posed the question “Why does education need to start so young? Isn’t this topic a bit large for the Kindergarten age? They are too innocent & young for this.”

The answer can be found in the Clothesline Project t-shirts created & displayed at the High School level. Story after story emotionally scrawled onto t-shirts with an overwhelming theme on many…

“when I was six” – “when I was 3” – “It started when I was 4”

“I was 3 years old”

2018.01.16 3 years of age


2018.02.13 Wheeling HS 2013

“I was sexually assaulted when I was 2”

2017.12.26 ETHS 2009

Kindergarten is NOT too early – in many cases – it’s too late! 


And almost 25% of Northwest CASA counseling and advocacy clients are under the age of 18. The impact of sexual violence on children is real.