Last night at Casino Night 2019, our Community Support Activist, Rebecca Plascencia, welcomed guests per usual to Northwest CASA’s 13th annual night out. For the first time, she publicly shared a poem written by herself shortly after her own sexual assault. See below for her entire speech including the powerful poem:

Good Evening! And welcome to Casino Night 2019!

We are so excited to have you join us once again and appreciate the support you are all providing survivors tonight.

I am Rebecca, a staff member at Northwest CASA.

And if I could just have your undivided attention for one moment, I would like to share a short but very personal poem written by a survivor shortly after her assault.

It is over.
The deed is done and there is no way to return from this.
Months have passed & yet everyday he holds me down trapped in my own mind & takes my sanity again.
When I walk, when I drive…I look for him.
My eyes pierce through the colorful swarm of people searching for the eyes of an animal.
The eyes of the man that grins of evil.
I close my eyes and that face is there.
He laughs at me…he laughs at his control.
I stand alone on this mountain of filth in which I call my life for the moment.
No one can stand here with me and sometimes betrayal is all I can feel…all I can sense.
My trust was ripped from me.
Stolen from my life.
Inside I scream until my lungs release all breath and still that is not enough.
He still lingers.
He has reached inside my soul and darkened my heart…

Thank you for listening. Truth is…I am the survivor that wrote that poem.

So, how can someone go from that very dark place to standing here? To working at a rape crisis center and being engrossed in the subject matter each and every day?

I can tell you…it’s because of the services and programs offered by Northwest CASA.

It’s because when I showed up at the hospital terrified & naïve to the process – a medical advocate was there with me.

It’s because as I navigated the court systems and law enforcement – a legal advocate was there with me.

And as I processed how much my life had been altered within one hour on a Sunday morning – quality counseling was provided to me WITHOUT the barrier of figuring out how I would have to pay for it.

So, while tonight is all fun & games – and we sincerely do want you to have a GREAT time. Please keep in mind what you are helping just by being here.

As you play the Casino game, bid on silent auction items, grab a take home bottle of wine from our wine grab.


Tonight, you are making the difference in the life a survivor of sexual violence. You showing up here and participating in this event – allows us to continue to provide these free services so that no one has to face their trauma alone.

So, from me as a survivor, from Northwest CASA as an agency. We Thank you!

I would now like to introduce our Executive Director, Jim Huenink, who can talk a little bit further on the services we are providing to help others heal.