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For a survivor of sexual violence on the path to healing, the uncertainty of COVID-19 doesn’t distract – it only adds to the anxiety and pain. This is why essential services like trauma-informed therapy and a 24/7 crisis hotline are so important right now. And Northwest CASA staff are still providing those crucial services for free. With the postponement of our largest, annual event, Casino Night, we need your support now more than ever to continue providing these services. Survivors are relying on you. Join our movement and pledge $30 for 30 days of April.

Although it may feel we are living in constant uncertainty, April is still Sexual Assault Awareness Month. While we are home – we can use our collective voices to bring awareness to the issue of sexual violence. One day the quarantine will be lifted, perhaps we can emerge a better society. It all depends on what we do with our time now. How we care for ourselves and how we care for each other.

So please join us in #SAAM – chalk your walk, decorate your front window, share posts, participate in social media competitions & GIVE. Help raise awareness and advocate for the rights of survivors everywhere…virtually. Join the movement. #WeAreNWCASA

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30 Days of Action Helpful Links:

Day 1: Visit our Facebook page & stay informed.

Day 2: SVP (Sexual Violence Prevention) Minute: A quick chat with Prevention Educator, Jessica

Day 3: #FilmDayFriday: Roll Red Roll

Day 4: Contact local legislators & register to vote.

Day 5: Faceless Portrait of Advocate/Supporter/Survivor/Ally

Day 6: Organize a clothing drive using our Amazon Wishlist

Day 7: Show off your teal!

Day 8: Chalk your walk!

Day 9: SVP (Sexual Violence Prevention) Minute

Day 10: #FilmDayFriday: Nameless

Day 11: Day in the life: an activist’s morning routine

Day 12: Message to survivors

Day 13: Spell it out: S-A-A-M

Day 14: Get Crafty: DIY SAAM

Day 15: Remember to Give!

Day 16: SVP (Sexual Violence Prevention) Minute

Day 17: #FilmDayFriday: I AM EVIDENCE

Day 18: Decorate the front window

Day 19: The beginning of Int’l Street Harassment Week & National Volunteer Week (Both April 19 – 25)

Day 20: Explore how you can get involved!

Day 21: Consent Education Video (Ages 12 plus)

Day 22: When pop culture gets it right

Day 23: SVP (Sexual Violence Prevention) Minute

Day 24: Day of Silence

Day 25: An Activist’s Treasures Self Care Item

Day 26: McHenry County Human Race

Day 27: In this together – words of thanks!

Day 28: Word cloud: a word that best describes survivors

Day 29: Denim Day

Day 30: SVP (Sexual Violence Prevention) Minute & don’t forget to keep the awareness going every day!